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Are you a higher education marketer looking to build your brand voice, attract more qualified applicants to a specific major or graduate program or drive participation in wellness programs (and similar initiatives)? You need a full funnel higher education marketing strategy!


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Mobile App Reach

Amplify Your Campus Marketing Campaign with Mobile Apps

Did you know that college students in the United States have over $500 billion in spending power? Therefore, gaining the attention of the millions that make up this audience is vital for a wide...

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PR and Higher Education

What Is PR for Education & How Does It Increase Student Enrollment?

In today’s crowded higher education marketplace, it’s not enough to simply offer the degrees and programs that applicants are looking for. You need to attract attention to your institution – both...

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Multi-touch Enrollment Marketing

How Digital Marketing Tactics Drive Successful College Recruitment

Many campus recruiters recognize that digital marketing tactics are an important part of their efforts to drive enrollment. However, marketing directors may not realize how essential new media...