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As campus marketing specialists, we’ve worked on thousands of student-centered campaigns. Whether you’re looking for applicants for an advanced degree program, study abroad opportunity, public health program or charity run-walk, you know how important it is to get word out quickly and effectively. See five excellent ways to publicize your program or event and its enrollment deadline.


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Successful Campus Media Campaigns: Firefly Festival

Today’s post in our successful campus media campaigns series explores how the Firefly Festival reached tens of thousands of college students with compelling and informative messaging, driving event...

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Digital Campus Advertising by Platform: TikTok

Social media accounted for a third of all digital advertising spending in 2022. And with good reason! Almost 5 billion people across the world use social media, and that number continues to increase....

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Digital Campus Advertising by Platform: Snapchat

The United States is the largest digital advertising market in the world. Spending in this sector is projected to reach $200 billion by 2025. To maximize return on their digital campus advertising...