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In today's competitive higher education landscape, attracting college applicants requires more than just a fancy brochure and a website. Students have a wealth of options, and they're looking for valued and authentic voices to help them make their decision. Discover how to use one of the top student recruitment strategies today - a combination of testimonials and influencer marketing.


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5 Innovative Ways to Execute an Effective College Recruitment Campaign

When it comes to student recruitment, innovation is especially important. Your target audience is young, modern, and not likely to be attracted to stale advertising efforts and old school campaigns....

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Marketing Best Practices Drive Successful Student Recruitment

We’ve covered the basics of creating a successful student enrollment campaign and we’ve taken a deep dive into several of the most important components of an effective college recruitment marketing...

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4 Innovative Ways to Execute a Successful Student Housing Campaign

Student housing rental properties, while potentially very lucrative, face several challenges in today’s changing world. As the student housing market has become more crowded, residences compete for...