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Are your student recruitment marketing efforts failing? Do you need more leads, increased numbers of qualified applicants, and better enrollment numbers? Are you looking for better bang for your advertising buck? Avoid the seven deadly sins of student recruitment campaigns, employ truly effective advertising strategies, and you will achieve the enrollment results you’ve been seeking.


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Two people walking in a city with a large out of home sign in background

Modern OOH Advertising: Why You Must Incorporate Mobile Tactics

There are those that think traditional media is dead and digital advertising is the only way to go. However, out-of-home (OOH) advertising still has an important role to play in many campaigns. In...

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Gen Z Students using various devices

5 Successful Student Recruitment Marketing Campaigns

So far, our “Recruiting Students” blog series has covered the building blocks and step-by-step process of creating a successful student recruitment campaign. We’ve also looked at best practices...

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Mobile ad for University Village at Towson on several phones

Property Marketing Success - the University Village Towson Case Study

Recently we interviewed one of our team experts about a newly published case study that demonstrates how our proven property marketing process works for a specific student housing property. Today...