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We recently discussed what a state-of-the-art student enrollment marketing campaign consists of and how an effective recruitment campaign strengthens your school’s reputation, extends your reach, generates additional leads, attracts more qualified applicants, and increases overall enrollment. Here we examine the three pillars of our proven higher education marketing strategy. Learn how to create a successful student enrollment campaign for your institution or program step-by-step.


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Illustration - Company Valuation and Modeling

How COVID-19 is Affecting Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is no easy task at the best of times, and marketing during a pandemic is truly challenging. This past spring we explored how following three simple corporate communications principles...

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group standing in front of a wall

The Benefits of an Integrated Marketing Strategy for Student Housing

In this fifth post in our Property Marketing for Student Housing blog series, we complete the DISCOVER stage of marketing strategy development before moving on to stage two - CREATE. Here we...

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College Student Recruitment

What is a Modern Student Recruitment Marketing Campaign?

Are you struggling to meet your recruitment goals? Enhanced marketing will certainly help you on your way. Learn what an effective student recruitment marketing campaign consists of in today’s...