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What is marketing? More than a series of one-off campaigns or initiatives, marketing is the glue that holds everything together - from your product or service to your customer experience to your visual identity. When marketing is done well, it creates a seamless and consistent experience for consumers, no matter how they interact with your brand.


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Why University Ads Are Important for Spring Back-To-School Marketing

The spring back-to-school season is a great time for businesses to reach out to college students. Scholars are often looking for new products and services as they head into second semester. This is...

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How To Combine Emerging Media and University Advertising

As a society, we are now firmly ensconced in the digital age. In this highly dynamic landscape, emerging digital technologies and platforms have an increasingly important role to play in the world of...

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Digital Campus Advertising by Platform: Google

Online advertising is a multi-faceted component of digital campus marketing efforts. It aims to reach university students through ads on web browsers, social media platforms and other websites....