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Last week we explored ways to harness the energy of digital ads and the power of PPC (pay per click advertising). Today we take a deeper look at social media ads, which make up almost one third of all internet ad revenue. There are a number of reasons why paid social advertising is so popular. Learn how to increase reach and engagement for your target audience using the most effective paid social media ads and advertising platforms.


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Harness the Energy of Digital Ads & the Power of PPC

Digital ads are a relatively new addition to the marketing toolkit, but their effect has been enormous. Whether you’re purchasing PPC search ads or paying for audio ads on Spotify, you now have...

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The Top 5 Signs You Need to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Almost all organizations now recognize the absolute necessity of digital marketing for business success. However, many companies aren’t sure how best to achieve the results they’re looking for. Is...

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Digital Ads - Research & Budgeting for a Successful Digital Campaign

In most respects, planning and executing a successful digital advertising campaign is the same as planning and executing a traditional advertising campaign. In either case, you need to develop...