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Across the country, students are mid-semester, studying hard and dreaming of summer vacation. Meanwhile, marketers who need to reach this target audience are just beginning their fall back-to-school campus advertising preparations. Learn how to create a BTS marketing campaign that will build impressive brand awareness and engagement.


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Effective College Media Strategies: Campus Takeovers

Looking to make an advertising splash? Consider a campus takeover event! Designed to increase brand awareness among young adults, this high impact tactic is one of the most effective campus media...

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Advertising to Students: 8 Ways to Overcome Common Roadblocks

We know how importantadvertising to students is. But we also know the difficulties inherent in advertising to young adults. This is a tech savvy generation. Many don’t watch broadcast TV, listen to...

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How To Reach Younger Students to Increase Enrollment

The sooner you begin marketing to high school students, the more likely they are to enroll. Early contact builds awareness and excitement for the possibilities of both higher education and college...