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Many property marketers recognize that digital marketing solutions are an important part of their efforts to increase heads in beds. However, marketing directors may not realize how essential new media platforms are for reaching their occupancy goals. As one of the pillars of a holistic marketing strategy, properly planned and implemented electronic campaigns produce great fruit. And they’re especially beneficial when pursuing a student population.


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How to Increase Enrollment with an Integrated Marketing Strategy

In this installment of our Recruiting Students blog series, we complete the DISCOVER stage of marketing strategy development before moving on to stage two - CREATE. Here we discuss how and why to...

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What Is an Integrated Marketing Strategy and Why Do I Need One?

So far our “planning an effective modern marketing campaign” series has explored the preparatory work necessary for creating a potent marketing campaign. Our posts on developing a buyer persona...

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What Is a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy for 2021?

MSS Media, Inc. is known for creating winning marketing strategies and building award-worthy campaigns that help our clients connect effectively and efficiently with their target audiences to...