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When it comes to student recruitment, innovation is especially important. Your target audience is young, modern, and not likely to be attracted to stale advertising efforts and old school campaigns. For this demographic, cutting edge marketing strategies can be incredibly potent. Here are five innovative ways to execute an effective college recruitment campaign:


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7 Deadly Sins of Marketing Infographic

7 Deadly Sins of Student Housing Property Marketing

Are your student housing property marketing efforts failing? Do you need more leads, increased numbers of qualified applicants, and better occupancy rates? Are you looking for a better bang for...

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Illustration of different customer profiles

Market Segmentation: Should You Create Unique Customer Personas?

The advent of digital communication technology has increased market segmentation capabilities enormously. From the ability to advertise based on only the broadest demographic, socio-economic, and...

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Illustration of a Sale Funnel

The Sales Funnel: Effectively Convert Paid Traffic to Leads & Sales

In the modern marketplace, paid digital ad campaigns are an excellent way to fill your sales funnel. But to get the most for your money, you need to utilize the sales funnel properly. Learn the...