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Many property marketers recognize that digital marketing solutions are an important part of their efforts to increase heads in beds. However, marketing directors may not realize how essential new media platforms are for reaching their occupancy goals. As one of the pillars of a holistic marketing strategy, properly planned and implemented electronic campaigns produce great fruit. And they’re especially beneficial when pursuing a student population.


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Planning a Winning Real Estate Marketing Campaign - An MSSmedia Demo

If you’ve been following our property marketing posts, you know that we’ve thoroughly explored what a student housing marketing campaign is and examined the basics of creating a successful real...

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10 Steps to Reach Your Student Housing Property Marketing Goals

As student housing property managers struggle to meet their occupancy goals in an intensely competitive environment, many are looking for innovative marketing strategies that will successfully...

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Property Marketing Best Practices Drive Target Audience Engagement

We’ve covered the basics of creating a successful property marketing campaign and we’ve taken a deep dive into several of the most important components of an effective student housing marketing...