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Recently we interviewed one of our team experts about a newly published case study that demonstrates how our proven property marketing process works for a specific student housing property. Today we’re exploring the successful University Village Towson housing communication campaign. Learn how to achieve property marketing success with this case study as your guide.


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7 Deadly Sins of Marketing Infographic

7 Deadly Sins of Student Housing Property Marketing

Are your student housing property marketing efforts failing? Do you need more leads, increased numbers of qualified applicants, and better occupancy rates? Are you looking for a better bang for your...

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Young Adults holding up colorful signs

4 Innovative Ways to Execute a Successful Student Housing Campaign

Student housing rental properties, while potentially very lucrative, face several challenges in today’s changing world. As the student housing market has become more crowded, residences compete for...

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two women sitting on concrete steps with laptop

Digital Marketing Solutions That Drive Property Marketing Success

Many property marketers recognize that digital marketing solutions are an important part of their efforts to increase heads in beds. However, marketing directors may not realize how essential new...