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Recruiting college students is challenging at the best of times. Today’s university marketing departments are facing a tumultuous environment and an extremely competitive marketplace. Enlisting the help of a skilled media and PR agency can make all the difference. But what kind of firm will produce the best return on investment? Are higher education digital marketing agencies worth the cost?


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Top Student Recruitment Strategies: Testimonials & Influencer Marketing

In today's competitive higher education landscape, attracting college applicants requires more than just a fancy brochure and a website. Students have a wealth of options, and they're looking for...

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Graduate Recruitment - 7 Marketing Strategies to Increase Enrollment

While undergraduate programs have struggled with declining enrollments, the overall graduate recruitment picture is fairly positive. Most institutions are seeing post grad program applications remain...

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The Future of Higher Education Advertising Mirrors the Future of Higher Ed

A group of distinguished instructors recently reviewed current trends to predict what higher education might look like by 2025. Not only does their analysis suggest the ways that institutions may...