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While undergraduate programs have struggled with declining enrollments, the overall graduate recruitment picture is fairly positive. Most institutions are seeing post grad program applications remain constant or even increase somewhat year over year. This is excellent news for universities. There is, however, some cause for concern that this trend will soon change. To overcome a potential enrollment decline, marketing departments must optimize their efforts. Discover seven marketing strategies to increase graduate program enrollment.


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The Future of Higher Education Advertising Mirrors the Future of Higher Ed

A group of distinguished instructors recently reviewed current trends to predict what higher education might look like by 2025. Not only does their analysis suggest the ways that institutions may...

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Higher Ed Marketing Strategies: Attract Returning Adult Students

The number of people who began college but left without a degree grew to 39 million in 2020, an increase of almost nine percent in two years. Reaching out to this growing population is not only an...

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How To Reach Younger Students to Increase Enrollment

The sooner you begin marketing to high school students, the more likely they are to enroll. Early contact builds awareness and excitement for the possibilities of both higher education and college...