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The sooner you begin marketing to high school students, the more likely they are to enroll. Early contact builds awareness and excitement for the possibilities of both higher education and college life. It also creates a bond between your institution and prospective enrollees. Let’s explore effective ways to reach younger students to increase enrollment.


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Developing a Mobile-First Student Recruitment Campaign

The vast majority of potential college students spend a significant amount of time on their smartphones, making mobile marketing a vital part of your enrollment efforts. Learn how to create a...

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Campus Advertising for Higher Education Recruiters

Whether you’re trying to attract community college students to your four-year campus or recruit existing students for specific degree programs, wellness services or student housing, effective campus...

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Strategic Marketing For Schools: 8 Ways To Reach Adult Learners

Targeting adult learners is one of the most powerful ways to recruit college students in the current climate. But what are the best ways to incorporate this tactic into strategic marketing for...