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In this installment of our Recruiting Students blog series, we complete the DISCOVER stage of marketing strategy development before moving on to stage two - CREATE. Here we discuss how and why to identify the right mix of paid advertising (both digital and traditional) and earned, owned, and shared media for a successful integrated marketing strategy that will increase student enrollment.


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Illustration of integrated marketing methods

What Is an Integrated Marketing Strategy and Why Do I Need One?

So far our “planning an effective modern marketing campaign” series has explored the preparatory work necessary for creating a potent marketing campaign. Our posts on developing a buyer persona...

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Illustration of magnet attracting people

Develop Marketing Goals for Student Recruitment - Our 3 Stage Process

In today’s increasingly crowded market, advertising is a necessity for educational institutions. Marketplace competition is based on many factors, including perceived status, programs, pricing,...

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Four students walking down a hallway

College Recruitment: Identifying Your Target Audience

As a student recruitment professional, identifying your target audience probably seems pretty straightforward. You’re marketing your school or program to high school and/or college students (and...