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Targeting adult learners is one of the most powerful ways to recruit college students in the current climate. But what are the best ways to incorporate this tactic into strategic marketing for schools? Learn 8 ways to reach adult learners.


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Recruiting College Students: 3 Reasons to Target Adult Learners

As we discussed in our recent post on the current state of higher ed enrollment, there are several effective ways to conduct student recruitment campaigns in 2022. Targeting adult learners is one of...

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Digital Marketing Solutions For College Recruitment: Video Marketing

Digital marketing solutions may be the most important part of a successful student recruitment campaign, and videos are a key digital marketing tool. Develop an effective video marketing strategy to...

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Use Location Targeting to Increase College Enrollment

The ability to implement location targeting is one of the best features of local pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Learn how using location specific geo-targeted advertisements can increase college...