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Social media marketing plays a vital role in university advertising campaigns. To succeed in this arena, campus advertisers must understand where and how to use their digital media dollars. Join us as we continue to explore the social media habits of college students by platform, this time focusing on Instagram.


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Gen Z and millennials social media usage infographic.

Social Media Habits of College Students by Platform: YouTube

To advertise to students effectively, you must understand the best ways to reach and influence them. Because this target audience spends so much time on social media, it’s essential that you...

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Illustration - Emerging Media Channels

How To Combine Emerging Media and University Advertising

As a society, we are now firmly ensconced in the digital age. In this highly dynamic landscape, emerging digital technologies and platforms have an increasingly important role to play in the world of...

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Promote Events on Campus with Powerful College Media Strategies

You’ve got an important event coming up. It could be a concert, athletic competition, lecture, annual sale, open house or anything in between. You’ve reserved a space, hired staff and created a...