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As a society, we are now firmly ensconced in the digital age. In this highly dynamic landscape, emerging digital technologies and platforms have an increasingly important role to play in the world of marketing. Making use of new and trending platforms is especially important when trying to engage young adults. Discover effective ways to integrate emerging media into your university advertising efforts.


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Promote Events on Campus with Powerful College Media Strategies

You’ve got an important event coming up. It could be a concert, athletic competition, lecture, annual sale, open house or anything in between. You’ve reserved a space, hired staff and created a...

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Sell Subscription Services Effectively with Campus Conversion Campaigns

Subscription services have taken off like wildfire in the past decade. To compete in this crowded market, you not only need to increase awarenessand consideration of your service, you must also...

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Advertising to Students: 8 Ways to Overcome Common Roadblocks

We know how importantadvertising to students is. But we also know the difficulties inherent in advertising to young adults. This is a tech savvy generation. Many don’t watch broadcast TV, listen to...