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Digital marketing solutions may be the most important part of a successful student recruitment campaign, and videos are a key digital marketing tool. Develop an effective video marketing strategy to cut through the clutter, engage your ideal audience, and inspire them to act.


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Successful Campus Media Campaigns: Lyft

Today’s post in our successful campus media campaigns case explores how Lyft achieved increased brand awareness and ridership through a nation-wide integrated campus media campaign. Attain your...

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5 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Increase College Enrollment

Our recent look at the current state of higher ed enrollment covered the challenges of recruiting college students in 2022 and some of the best ways to overcome those issues. As we discussed, digital...

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What Makes for a Winning College Recruitment Ad?

You know your school is a wonderful institution with so much to offer students. But how do you convey that information effectively to prospects? How do you ensure that your important message not only...