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Digital marketing has become increasingly commonplace. The majority of adults use Facebook, YouTube and Google. Search and display ads proliferate. But although these platforms are used by the vast majority of young adults, they spend significant time in other virtual venues. Want to advertise to students using emerging media? Learn how to use Snapchat strategically.


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MSSmedia Baltimore County HHS Digital Media Campaign Case Study

Successful Media Campaigns: Baltimore County Health and Human Services

Today’s post in our successful media campaigns series explores how the Baltimore County Department of Health and Human Services created awareness and drove engagement through multiple advertising...

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hand holding a mobile phone with app icons emanating from it (advertise to students with emerging media)

Advertise to Students with Emerging Media: TikTok

Young adults spend huge amounts of time on new and trending digital media platforms. If you’re looking to drive engagement with this key demographic, you must take advantage of these forums. In this...

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Successful campus media campaigns (campus recruitment campaigns) - Pharmaron bus shelter placements

Successful Campus Media Campaigns: Clinical Trials

Today’s post in our successful campus media campaigns series explores how how several clinical research organizations reach college students across the country with compelling messaging, driving...