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Did you know that college students in the United States have over $500 billion in spending power? Therefore, gaining the attention of the millions that make up this audience is vital for a wide range of corporations and organizations. Campus marketing campaigns focus your advertising efforts on the limited areas in which these young people live, learn and earn with excellent effect. Mobile applications are one of the newest tools in the diverse campus marketing tool bag.


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mobile phone with audio stats

Audio Advertising: A Highly Effective New Marketing Channel

In today’s digital world, traditional advertising methods are no longer enough to maintain competitiveness in the media and marketing space. Every day, people consume advertisements through a...

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Campaign Planning

Develop, Establish & Refine Student Housing Property Marketing Goals

In today’s crowded market, advertising your student housing property is an absolute necessity. Effective rental property marketing puts important information in front of your target audience and...

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Campus advertising

Campus Advertising Campaigns: The Top 3 Things to Know

Each fall, millions of students attending U.S. colleges and universities contribute over 400 billion dollars in spending power. As students flock to campuses nationwide, there are endless...