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You know your school is a wonderful institution with so much to offer students. But how do you convey that information effectively to prospects? How do you ensure that your important message not only reaches, but truly engages, your target audience? Effective advertising is a vital part of this effort. Join us as we explore what makes for a winning college recruitment ad.


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Social Media Habits of College Students

Campus advertising is a vital part of the marketing mix for many businesses and organizations. But it’s not enough to understand why you should advertise to college students or even the basics of how...

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Why & How You Should Advertise to Hispanic College Students

You know why you should advertise to college students and you’ve read five reasons why university advertising is valuable, but did you know that targeting niche college demographics is one great way...

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Bus Shelter Advertising for the VCU School of Dentistry

Higher Education Advertising: Where Should Colleges Advertise?

For colleges and university programs looking to increase enrollment in today’s market, paid ad campaigns are an excellent way to optimize ROI. The potential avenues for higher education advertising...