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For colleges and university programs looking to increase enrollment in today’s market, paid ad campaigns are an excellent way to optimize ROI. The potential avenues for higher education advertising are many. From traditional media (TV, newspaper, radio, billboards, and transit ads) to digital media (search, display, video, and social), colleges have a vast array of options to choose from. Discover how to choose the best advertising venues for your college, university, or higher education program.


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FIU students at Homecoming

Why Advertise to Students? (College Students as a Target Market)

Campus advertising is valuable to an incredible range of businesses for several reasons. As we mentioned in our previous post, university advertising reaches a vast, diverse, and economically...

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Illustration of a megaphone and icons of various advertising campaign elements, like a cellphone, graphs, and email

How to Measure the Success of a Higher Education Advertising Campaign

Creating a higher education advertising campaign that follows a proven process and utilizes modern marketing best practices is essential to student recruitment success. But once you’ve created and...

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Illustration of two people discussing metrics and numbers

Digital Ads - Research & Budgeting for a Successful Digital Campaign

In most respects, planning and executing a successful digital advertising campaign is the same as planning and executing a traditional advertising campaign. In either case, you need to develop...