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As a student recruitment professional, identifying your target audience probably seems pretty straightforward. You’re marketing your school or program to high school and/or college students (and their parents), end of story. Or is it? The best way to successfully engage with any audience is to understand who they are and what they want, so it’s important to get this right. When you take the time to identify buyers’ personas for your intended audience, you’ll have a more complete picture of who they are and how to reach them efficiently and effectively.


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Property Marketing Best Practices Drive Target Audience Engagement

We’ve covered the basics of creating a successful property marketing campaign and we’ve taken a deep dive into several of the most important components of an effective student housing marketing...

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The Benefits of an Integrated Marketing Strategy for Student Housing

In this fifth post in our Property Marketing for Student Housing blog series, we complete the DISCOVER stage of marketing strategy development before moving on to stage two - CREATE. Here we...

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College Student Recruitment

What is a Modern Student Recruitment Marketing Campaign?

Are you struggling to meet your recruitment goals? Enhanced marketing will certainly help you on your way. Learn what an effective student recruitment marketing campaign consists of in today’s...