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Social media has solidified its role as an information, entertainment and connection source for much of the population. It also gives companies and brands new and creative ways to engage with their customers. Advertising to Gen Z and millennial audiences? Add social shopping to your marketing strategy today!


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Gen Z & Millennials: Advertising to Generation Z 101

In the modern advertising world, knowing how to speak to Gen Z audiences is crucial to success for the vast majority of marketers. But who are they and what does it take to get through to them?...

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Digital Marketing Solutions For College Recruitment: Video Marketing

Digital marketing solutions may be the most important part of a successful student recruitment campaign, and videos are a key digital marketing tool. Develop an effective video marketing strategy to...

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Successful Campus Media Campaigns: Lyft

Today’s post in our successful campus media campaigns case explores how Lyft achieved increased brand awareness and ridership through a nation-wide integrated campus media campaign. Attain your...