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Creating a higher education advertising campaign that follows a proven process and utilizes modern marketing best practices is essential to student recruitment success. But once you’ve created and executed your college recruitment campaign, you still have some work to do! You must track and analyze your results throughout the campaign, as well as after your advertising efforts wrap up. This allows you to adjust your tactics for maximum efficacy and inform future campaign efforts. Let’s discuss how to accurately measure the success of your higher ed ad campaign.


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Digital Ads - Research & Budgeting for a Successful Digital Campaign

In most respects, planning and executing a successful digital advertising campaign is the same as planning and executing a traditional advertising campaign. In either case, you need to develop...

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7 Deadly Sins of Student Recruitment Enrollment Campaigns

Are your student recruitment marketing efforts failing? Do you need more leads, increased numbers of qualified applicants, and better enrollment numbers? Are you looking for better bang for your...

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Modern OOH Advertising: Why You Must Incorporate Mobile Tactics

There are those that think traditional media is dead and digital advertising is the only way to go. However, out-of-home (OOH) advertising still has an important role to play in many campaigns. In...