Guidelines for Creating a Successful Outdoor Advertisement

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Posted by: Barbara Gretsch, CEO

For large-format outdoor advertising signage seen 24 hours a day and seven days a week, you want to take time to design a compelling outdoor ad. You may not think there are golden rules for creating and designing an outdoor ad, but there are specific guidelines to follow to ensure that your advertisement stands out:

Outdoor Ad

Less is More:

People are on the move, and 6 seconds is all you have to make an impression. Make those 6 seconds count with a strong message, not multiple messages.


Avoid tracking your letters too closely; it'll be hard to read from a distance. Don't forget about the front. The script, or very thin typefaces, may be difficult to read from far away.

Color Selection:

There's s psychology behind colors (Red= love, power, danger vs. Yellow = happiness, energy, joy). Be mindful of color contrast with the copy to improve readability.


Use strong images against simple backgrounds to create a more high-impact visual and improve viewer recall.

Location Location Location:

Keep in mind where the ad will be located. Get creative with the local environment. Let college students know your shop is just up the street.

Rules are meant to be broken, but following these simple guidelines will help your outdoor advertisement stand out. Outdoor advertising is a great way to promote brand awareness, increase exposure, and works well with other marketing tactics.

Outdoor advertising is how a potential new customer will first discover your brand. Make it count!

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