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In today’s market, advertising your student housing property is a necessity. For industry professionals, the competitive landscape has become increasingly crowded in recent years. Marketplace competition is based on many factors, including convenience, amenities, privacy, pricing, space, fewer distractions, and the opportunity to gain real-life experience.


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Corporate Communications in the Time of Crisis: COVID-19

Work during the Coronavirus pandemic for most, if not all, small businesses has been anything but smooth. To write that we at MSSmedia have transitioned without hiccups would be dishonest. Yet...

Affiliate marketing and PR

What is Affiliate Marketing in PR?

We are living in the age of information overload. Huge volumes of information are continually being created and instantly disseminated in today's digital age. How does this heavy and constant flow...

Campus advertising

Campus Advertising Campaigns: The Top 3 Things to Know

Each fall, millions of students attending U.S. colleges and universities contribute over 400 billion dollars in spending power. As students flock to campuses nationwide, there are endless...