Considering the Buyer’s Journey (Full Funnel Marketing)

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Our blog series on  “planning an effective modern marketing campaign” continues with an exploration of the buyer’s journey (or full funnel marketing). Learn how to maximize the effect of your marketing campaign by addressing every stage of the buyer’s journey.




Awareness, Consideration, Conversion

To effectively motivate your target audience to act, it’s important to understand their journey from the top of the funnel (awareness), through the middle (consideration), to the bottom (decision/action). 

Stage 1: Awareness

The buyer realizes they have a problem. Your product, program, or service offers a solution. Your marketing efforts at this stage need to be directed toward getting your ideal clients to learn about your business. Provide information about your product, program, or service in such a way that your ideal buyer will be both exposed to it and engaged by it. Educate and help, don’t sell!

Stage 2: Consideration

The buyer defines their problem and researches options to solve it. At this stage of the game, you need to keep potential clients interested in your business. Provide information on the pros and cons of your solution in comparison to the competition. Offer resources to help the buyer determine which choice is right for them.

Stage 3: Decision

At this point, the buyer chooses a solution. How can you convince your target audience to act, purchase, return? Conduct market research to understand the questions, concerns, and objections a buyer might have at this stage. Be prepared to address these issues. You also need to understand your company’s unique value and communicate exactly what sets your offering apart from the competition.


What Are Your Goals?

You should also consider the buyer's journey specifically in relation to the goals you’ve established for your marketing campaign.

  • Awareness: Are you looking to amplify your brand awareness in the market?

  • Consideration: Are you looking to win over (with your business or program’s features and benefits) customers who know what they want?

  • Conversion: Are you looking for engagements (purchases, form completions, likes, shares)?

The Golden Rule of Marketing

Most importantly, remember that your marketing strategy must focus, not just on your product or service, but on your customer’s needs. This is the golden rule of marketing.


“The best marketing strategy ever: CARE.” 


Ensure that your messaging hones in on how your customers will benefit from what you’re offering. Have a comprehensive understanding of your program, product, or service’s assets and how they meet your ideal client’s needs. Then be sure to communicate that information in clear, simple terms to your target audience.

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