Corporate Communications in the Time of Crisis: COVID-19

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Posted by: Barbara Gretsch, CEO

Work during the Coronavirus pandemic for most, if not all, small businesses has been anything but smooth. To write that we at MSSmedia have transitioned without hiccups would be dishonest. Yet here we are, more than a month later and each team member has acclimated to their new normal and working from home (or #WFH, as is trending on social media).

COVID-19 Virus

Adjusting to the New Normal (#WFH)

But how could that be? Well, we think it has to do with a capable company culture centered around our unfailing and honest internal and external communications (our company voice so to speak), or rather our 3 Areas of Focus for Corporate Communications in The Time of Crisis: Covid-19.

As a small media and PR agency built on selling our services and expected to somehow endure in these difficult times, we needed to shift focus. But how? Some of the primary questions that came up were “How do we get motivated as a team to serve and not to sell?” and “How do we build alignment around our company value of creating a sincere difference, given the challenging and uncertain times?” Thankfully, we found the answers to these questions and we took action.

We’re happy to share with you how maintaining our company’s core values and following 3 simple corporate communications principles have helped us adjust to the new normal (#WFH). By embodying a positive attitude through contribution, participation and mastery, we hope to help guide other small businesses to better times ahead.

Three Critical Areas of Focus for Corporate Communications During a Pandemic

[Please note that the following areas of focus are listed in no particular order.]


Early on, we knew we wanted to contribute to the business community, but how? As stated by former U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy, “The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.” For us, this meant contributing through information with two op-ed articles. First, on how small businesses can survive and thrive during the pandemic. Second, on how a company’s sincerity is critical in these times.

With our contributions, we aim to help raise awareness around the small business resources that have become available, along with sharing insights on how companies can respond given the current challenges.

Read the articles here:

Bulldog Reporter - Boutique PR agency offers three tips to help small biz weather the looming recession

PR Daily - How sincerity is better than a generic response during a global crisis


In addition to contributing, we wanted to participate in the conversations surrounding the media industry. Our first step was participating in a podcast, Government Executive. Here we discussed the digital side of marketing and the role digital marketing has on recruitment during the time of COVID-19.

headphone image about podcast

Ultimately, we hope the information we share can demystify the digital space for those small businesses that do not have deep marketing pockets and often find themselves lost when approaching the world of digital marketing.

In addition, FIU School of Communication and Journalism hosted us for #CafecitoChat where Heather Radi-Bermudez spoke with us about how brands can better react during times of crisis. Please check it out for our insights on the leading factors that enable companies to thrive in times of global upheaval:


Finally, mastery. This concept is encapsulated by Robert Greene in his book Mastery - “The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.” As a company currently focused on selling less and serving more, we felt there was no better time to hone our marketing craft.

From becoming super savvy with internal communications software – Slack and Zoom – to online marketing and digital class certification courses through Google Skillshop and Hubspot Academy, we are just getting better in delivering optimal results for our clients. And, boy, do we love it!

How are your company’s core values shining through during these uncertain times? Share with us on your favorite social media platform!

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