Successful Campus Media Campaigns: Clinical Trials

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Today’s post in our successful campus media campaigns series explores how how several clinical research organizations reach college students across the country with compelling messaging, driving website traffic and trial enrollment. Learn how to create equally successful campus recruitment campaigns.

Successful campus media campaigns (campus recruitment campaigns) - Pharmaron bus shelter placements



MSS Media Inc. are providing ongoing media buy and placement services for several clinical research organizations as they work to drive website traffic and enrollment in clinical trials through a variety of campus recruitment campaigns.

To help reach their enrollment objectives, these companies utilize signage containing:

  • Eye catching images
  • Compelling messaging
  • QR codes students can scan with their mobile phones to learn more
  • Websites students can visit for more information and to enroll
  • Phone numbers students can call for more information


MSS Media - Value of Campus Advertising




Segal Trials 

Segal Trials runs multiple enrollment campaigns throughout the year. Media placements include bus shelters throughout the Florida International University (FIU) campus. For maximum impact and exposure, they often “wrap” the shelters with their messaging.


MSS Media, Inc. Campus Advertising - FIU Segal Trials transit advertising bus shelter advertising


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Pharmaron recently ran an integrated campus recruitment campaign promoting clinical studies in the Baltimore area. Media placements included bus shelters  at both Towson University and Coppin State University.  Digital in-app mobile advertisements amplified the campaign results, contributing 250K impressions and 783 clicks to their website in just two short months.


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CenExel is running an enrollment campaign using media placements at Temple University newspaper kiosks.


MSS Media, Inc. Campus Advertising - CenExel enrollment campaign - Temple University advertising



  • Traditional media
  • OOH advertising
  • Transit advertising
  • Digital media
  • Integrated advertising
  • Campus advertising
  • Strategic media buying and planning


MSSmedia OOH and DOOH





By placing OOH and transit ads throughout multiple campuses, we’re helping various clinical research organizations reach tens of thousands of students on a daily basis. Layering digital campus recruitment tactics on top of these efforts extends reach and amplifies the effect of each integrated media campaign.


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