March Madness: Game-Time for Mobile Advertising

Topics: Millennials + Gen Z, Digital Media

Posted by: Danielle Janke

The three-week college basketball tournament that turns Corporate America into the most unproductive group that we will see all year long. It has shown to be the most popular sporting event after all professional post-season championships and has raked in billions of ad revenue in the last ten years.


March Madness:

So for your mobile advertisers, this is the perfect time for you to leverage the passion of the fans while they work during the bulk of the gameplay. Why? They turn to their smartphones to check scores and keep up on where they stand when it comes to their brackets (probably ones they created in-office).

Take advantage of those who participate by targeting young professionals in your DMA; nearly 40% of 35 – 49-year-olds use their mobile device to engage with the tournament.  Gaming and sports are common app categories during the tournament, so serving your ad through a mobile in-app platform is your ticket to getting straight into their hands.

Of course, we can’t forget the college demo - we already know that millennials are on their phones constantly, and 89% of their usage is in-app. Geofence the Universities in your area to keep your brand top of mind. Also, think about fencing sports bars, grocery, and liquor stores.

Tying in themed content wouldn’t hurt either. Look for points of connection between your brand and the action unfolding on and off the court. If you can reasonably tie something your company or brand does with some part of the tournament, you will become more relevant to your demo, and they’ll be more likely to engage with your ad.

So get to it, advertisers.  Mobile seems to be the obvious choice this March Madness Season.

May the best team (and brand) win!


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