Super Bowl LIII & Social Media Advertising

Topics: Digital Media

Posted by: Barbara Gretsch, CEO

As this year’s Super Bowl approaches, marketers are reminded of the staggering figures big brands spend on advertising ($5.23 million average for a 30-second ad).  These numbers continue to rise through the years, and there’s no surprise there. There are some new trends and strategies that are worth analyzing, such as the use of social media.

While TV commercials and the halftime show get the publicity, consumer engagement happens on social media.  Throughout the Superbowl, social media is on fire with the buzz of the Super Bowl. People are commenting on things as they happen and sharing their views. Also, people are creating expectations and planning parties around it – all on social media platforms.

Weeks and days before the Super Bowl present a massive opportunity for businesses looking for online engagement and conversions. It is a time for brands to up their game and creativity to capture the attention of millions.

Interacting on social media during this time is not the only key but also expected.  More and more, brands understand that traditional rules of self-promotion and publicity are changing and that engaging with their audiences on social media is not only powerful but necessary to stay relevant.


+ Increase audience reach and engagement with targeted social media ads.


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