College Marketing: Advertise on University Campuses

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Posted by: Barbara Gretsch, CEO

College students represent one of the most valuable target markets. While in school, they are making their own purchasing decisions for the first time, which makes them impressionable for brands. If businesses can connect with students early on, they can form brand loyalties that will continue for the rest of the consumer’s life.

Campus Advertising

It is an investment for brands to target this tech-savvy, educated, and connected market. 64% of a student’s income is discretionary, and they have an estimated $417 billion in spending power. Upon graduation, their salaries will be significantly higher, and they can now afford to pay for additional products and services offered at a higher price point. Students spend most of their money at food, beverage, entertainment, and retail stores, but this doesn’t exclude other industries from successfully garnering the attention of college students.

To capture this coveted market, brands need to place themselves where students spend most of their time, which is on college campuses. Marketing on-campus promote brand engagement, and this can be done by utilizing numerous tactics. For example, a business can advertise in the school newspaper, employ brand ambassadors, offer student discounts, host giveaways, and much more. As a leading provider of campus outdoor advertising solutions and mobile geo-targeting opportunities on college and university campuses nationwide, MSSmedia specializes in connecting brands with college students. The company offers advertisers a variety of outdoor advertising formats to reach the niche campus market in conjunction with on-campus activations and digital marketing.

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