Surprising Shopping Habits Millennials Embrace

Topics: Millennials + Gen Z, Digital Media

Posted by: Barbara Gretsch, CEO

The constant emails and notifications from retailers may seem annoying for some, but Millennials embrace it. According to a new study from Euclid Analytics, this generation enjoys interactions from brands as they shop. 74% of survey participants said they were open to receive messages on their phones during a store visit, while 81% of respondents said they were open to stores being in touch (text or email) after the shopping trip.

Millennials have shopped online for most of their lives and receive personalized recommendations from brands such as Netflix. Buying online and receiving personalized marketing promotions has raised expectations to stay top of mind on and offline after every interaction.

Not all contact from retailers is accepted. Consumers do not want to receive a text about a purchase as they are in the gym. The interactions must be timely and location-based. A message about a sale as they are approaching the mall is much more appropriate.

This feeling of always being in the loop isn’t exclusive to online shopping. Regardless of the channel that consumers purchase from, they still want a personalized experience. Brick and mortar retailers are at a disadvantage because customer data is harder to optimize, and it’s more challenging to make customers feel special as they physically browse the racks. Thus, these retailers need to find ways to bridge the gap between online and offline worlds.

As online shopping continues to flourish, it’ll be interesting to see how retailers will conform to the in-person shopping experience and entice users to head to the mall. Constant contact with consumers could be a permanent solution.


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