Unbound, Miami: The Rise of Generation Z

Topics: Millennials + Gen Z, Digital Media

Posted by: Barbara Gretsch, CEO

Unbound Miami, 2017: “With a huge shift in the type of media consumed and platforms used by Generation Z, we will discuss the strategies, platforms, and tactics that will drive engagement within this important demographic.”


  • Sameer Deen, SVP Digital – Univision
  • Dan Perry, Managing Director – LATAM, Vice
  • Sergio Cisneros, Head of Brand Strategy – VIX Media
  • Justin Reilly, Head of Customer Innovation – Verizon Fios
  • Jaime Matus, Central America B2B Market Manager – Claro

The UK based technology and startup gathering Unbound came to the US for the first time with the inaugural conference taking place in Miami, FL, in early November. One of the afternoon talks centered on a newer generation coming into play, Generation Z, and how corporations are shifting strategies to reach this internet/tech-savvy demographic.

The speakers were asked, “How are you trying to prepare for Generation Z?”  Justin Reilly dropped a surprising fact: ~70% of families have Generation Z members, who hold $44BN in buying power. Reilly shares that to prepare, you have to know how to interact with this new generation.

Both Jaime Matus and Sameer Deen note similar hurdles of reaching this demographic, especially as content is expected to be better, faster, and more significant. Companies and brands are now diversifying methods of consumption across multiple platforms.  Dan Perry especially noted this, VICE, as he shared the evolution of VICE, starting as a print magazine evolving to include online and cable television network formats. The growth of Vice is to meet increasing demands and changing technology.

Not only do these brands/companies have to be in the same place as this niche audience, Sergio Cisneros mentioned, but the content presented to Gen Z must connect on a human level, be authentic, and the voice must be identifiable. Perry notes that cultural passions and causes are essential to Gen Z. For example: Promoting the chicken in a fast-food sandwich as humanely and sustainability raised consider more valuable than a Buy-One-Get-One deal.

Long story short, to effectively reach this demographic, marketers must produce meaningful and authentic content that is delivered at a remarkably fast rate across multiple channels. Companies, brands, and agencies must continue to be one step ahead of this super social and techy generation.

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