OOH is Effective in Driving Back-to-School Dollars

Topics: Campus Advertising, Higher Education

Posted by: Barbara Gretsch, CEO

Retailers rake in dollars during back-to-school and college shopping. Holiday shopping is the highest spending period, but back-to-school shopping comes in second with an estimated $68 billion to be spent in the next few weeks. 

According to NRF, 41% of college shoppers plan to use their smartphone to research products and compare prices, and 46% of tablet users will do the same. When it comes to making the purchase, 31% will buy products on their smartphone, and 35% of tablet users will do the same. Therefore, brand messaging should be in front of these students and their parents. Out-of-Home, also known as OOH, is one of the best ways to reach college students, and below are three reasons why.


Advertising near the point of purchase is a great strategy. Add directional messaging to point consumers to products they need to purchase.

Billboard Campus Ad


Nearly 30% of back-to-school shoppers wait until the last minute to start shopping. Digital displays allow flexible messaging for limited-time specials and sales.

Campus Advert


With eye-catching creative, brands can break through the clutter. OOH’s wide range of formats, sizes, shapes, locations, and technologies offer a blank canvas that engages consumers during 70% of the day they spend away from home.

OOH Billboard promo

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