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Social media marketing has become almost ubiquitous in the business world, and for good reason. However, there’s a lot of confusion about how to best utilize social media marketing. Join us to learn more about when, where, and how to use social media for maximum effect.


How important is frequent social media posting for business success?

For the vast majority of companies, It’s crucial that they’re active on social media and that they post frequently. The majority of consumers spend large portions of each day on their mobile devices. Businesses who are more active on social media will grab the attention of more users. It’s a simple formula - the more a business posts, the more users they reach and the more traffic they will receive.



“Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.” 



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Why is Facebook still the most popular social media marketing platform for businesses?

There are several reasons why Facebook is such a popular platform for businesses worldwide. One of the biggest incentives for companies to utilize Facebook over other platforms is the plethora of targeting options the social media giant provides. From detailed targeting to custom audiences to lookalikes, firms can choose the targeting options that best fit their unique marketing needs. In addition, Facebook (and its subsidiary, Instagram) have a huge and diverse user base, allowing businesses to target participants ranging from college students to grandparents. Finally, Facebook offers excellent ad features, making it possible for businesses to capture their audience’s attention with everything from single image ads to carousel and video ads.

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Should businesses be marketing on TikTok?

If targeted correctly, TikTok marketing can provide increased brand awareness for many businesses. While advertisements on TikTok may not lead to direct conversions, it’s a good top of the funnel platform to consider when looking at a company’s overall marketing strategy.



Why are so many businesses investing in YouTube marketing?

YouTube has billions of monthly users and is a platform businesses should not ignore. Whether a company solely posts content on their official channel or advertises on the platform, YouTube is another great channel to provide awareness and ultimately drive leads, at a lower cost for businesses. 

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How effective are engagement metrics in tracking social media marketing success?

Both engagement and conversion metrics on social media are important. They tell the story of how well a particular social media campaign or ad is doing in comparison to others.In addition, companies should also be looking at their landing pages and tracking the metrics there – bounce rate, average page duration, etc. Tools like Google Analytics can help assess these metrics. 

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How important is social media management software and at what point should companies add it to their operations?

As mentioned before, it is crucial for businesses to be active on social media. If a company is posting content across multiple channels throughout various hours of the day and days of the week, then a tool like social media management tool could be beneficial to that particular business. These types of tools are most beneficial to businesses who are truly very active on multiple social media platforms.

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