What Is The Most Effective Tactic for Optimizing Google Display Ads?

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Recently, someone asked us how they could optimize their Google display ads to increase audience engagement. Our extensive experience providing clients with powerful digital media management and optimization services has given us some valuable information on this topic. Read on to learn the most effective tactics for optimizing your Google display ads.



A quick introduction to Google display ads:

Display ads (paid online ads that use text and visual elements, like static images, videos, or animation) are a great method for building awareness, re-engaging visitors that have visited your website, and boosting business. Display advertising can appear not only on websites, but also on mobile apps and devices.

While the best paid advertising channel for your company depends on your industry and who your target audience is, the Google Display Network is one of the paid digital advertising channels that we recommend most strongly.

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Whatever type of digital advertising campaign you’re running (search, display, video, or social), and whichever platform you’re using (Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), there are a number of factors that determine how successful your paid ad campaign will be including your budget, the creativity of your copy and design, keyword relevance, landing page quality, and your Google Quality Score.

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The most effective tactic for optimizing Google display ads is:

Regardless of whether you’re using the Google Display Network or another display channel, proper audience targeting is the most effective tactic for optimizing your display ads. Obviously, the specific audiences you choose to target will depend on the industry you’re in and the demographics you’re trying to reach.




While Google provides various audiences to choose from as targets for your Google display ads (including detailed demographic break-downs, affinity audiences, in-market audiences, individual page visitors, etc.) we’ve found custom audience selection to be most effective for increasing relevant user engagement. You can choose from Custom Intent (targeting people who have searched using specific keywords) and Custom Affinity (targeting users who have been to competitor sites).



“I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” 



A few other important elements for display ad success:

Aside from proper audience targeting, some of the other important elements for display ad success include placement, budget/bidding, design, and copy.

Placements are locations where your ads can appear, such as a website or a specific page on a site, a mobile app, or along with video content. Google display ads can be placed on YouTube or the Google Display Network. You’ll want to make sure you place your ads where your ideal customers spend their time.

When budgeting for digital ads, it’s important to consider how much your desired outcome is worth. This will help you determine how much you should invest to attain your goals. You can adjust your advertising budget allocation as needed. For example, if you find that a specific Google display ad placement is more productive than others, you may want to increase your bid for that specific placement to increase exposure there. You may also want to reduce your bids for placements that aren’t providing as many conversions.

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In addition to advertising where your target audience spends their time, you also need to create display ads that will catch their attention and drive them to take the desired action. This is where clean, creative, and research-based design and copy come into play. Everything from the colors and fonts you choose to the words and images you use can affect the success of your advertising campaign.

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