Advertise to Multicultural College Students Effectively

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College campuses are becoming increasingly diverse. In fact, only 55% of current post-secondary school students are Caucasian. Targeting other college demographics is an important way to maximize the return on your campus marketing investment. Learn how to advertise to multicultural college students effectively.

Multicultural College Students

Cultural Diversity on College Campuses

Cultural diversity is alive and growing on college campuses nation-wide. According to

  • 19.5% of college students are Hispanic or Latino.
  • 9.6% of college students are African American.
  • 7% of college students are Asian.
  • 3% of college students are Pacific Islanders.
  • 3.9% of college students are multiracial.


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The United States as a whole is becoming increasingly less white and more diverse, and it’s not just the multicultural portion of our population that’s expanding - purchasing power among these groups is also rising quickly. That makes it more important than ever to reach varied groups with your marketing messages.



“Diversity is critical to innovation." 


Not convinced that you should advertise to multicultural college students specifically? Read why you should advertise to college students and remember three essential facts:

  1. Multicultural college students are an underserved audience. Your message will make a bigger impact in this less-saturated advertising market.
  2. Many multicultural students are particularly close to their families. When you advertise to these audiences, you also impact their families and friends, multiplying your reach in a fast-growing market.
  3. The vast majority of young people want to see marketing that reflects the diversity of the world around them. They find inclusivity in imagery and messaging compelling.


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Advertising to Multicultural College Students

To advertise to multicultural college students effectively, you need to understand how to advertise on campus, how to advertise to young adults, and how to advertise to a multicultural audience.


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Here are some of the most important things to remember when planning your branding, awareness, or recruitment campaign for a multicultural college audience:

  • Represent the changing face and voice of America in your images, copy, audio, and video.
  • When advertising to diverse groups, the micromarketing and niche targeting made possible by digital technology makes for better results.
  • Consider the cultural meaning of the words and language included in your ads. Avoid misrepresentations and cliches.
  • Don’t focus all your efforts on language and culture. Make sure you’re using proven marketing strategies.
  • Tailor your multicultural college advertising messages to millennials and Generation Z.
  • Multicultural audiences and younger generations are particularly active on mobile devices. Make sure your advertising is mobile-friendly.
  • Partner with spokespeople and influencers in diverse communities to create trust and enhance the effectiveness of your message.


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