Attract Students During an Election Year

Topics: Millennials + Gen Z, Media + Advertising, Campus Media

Posted by: Barbara Gretsch, CEO
It’s election year and there’s been a lot of talk about millennial voters and the impact they have on elections. This entices politicians, brands and companies alike to get their name in front of this generation. With the busy lives that students leads, one of the best tactics is to literally be where they are, which is on campus. As a brand, you may want to remain neutral with political party affiliation, but it is a great opportunity to engage in the conversation. 

Here are a few ideas to become involved and engage this target audience and become part of the political culture.

1. Host Contests

A little friendly competition is always great. Contests allow students to learn more about your product or service while having fun. Providing prizes and incentives will increase engagement and likability for your brand.

2. Give Out Free Items

Who doesn’t love a free gift? Giving out samples of your product or a branded item attracts most people. For example, students have papers, notes and more to save so handing out free branded USBs provides students with a necessity and allows your brand to live with the student after your initial interaction. There are multiple options of items to hand out. Choose the best that fits your industry.

3. Photo Booths

It’s the decade of selfies and students are constantly sharing pictures with their friends on social media and more. Photo booths allow you to have people take pictures with your brand integrated with props, border of the printout, etc.


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