CNN Has a New Millennial Targeted Video Site

Topics: Millennials + Gen Z, Digital Media

Posted by: Barbara Gretsch, CEO

Sites like Buzzfeed are a hit among millennials, and now big players like CNN are looking to captivate this target market with a new video platform called Great Big Story or GBS. There are many players vying for the attention of the millennial market, so GBs wants to set themselves apart by having a different voice and different point of view. However, they do not want to be considered a news network.

They will release three to five non-fiction videos a day about topics ranging from new frontiers to tastes and flavors. We are in an age where if you don’t know the answer to something, you Google it, and these are the people GBS wants to target. Target the consumers that question everything and Google topics to learn more. GBS will not be waiting for this target to find them so they will have highly targeted ads on multiple platforms to make themselves known. A great place to promote is on college campuses where the heart of this target is on a daily basis. Coupled with targeted social media ads and TV placements, GBS is sure to make their presence known.

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