Jolly Rancher Candy Brings a Smile to Millennials

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Posted by: Barbara Gretsch, CEO

Sometimes we don’t wake up on the right side of the bed. We trip down the stairs, forget to study for an exam, get caught in the rain and more. Life isn’t always fair and just simply sucks at times. Targeted at Millennials, Jolly Rancher wants this generation to suck on their candy in hopes that these unfortunate moments will suck a little less.

Jolly Ranchers Suck CampaignThe candy itself is hard and represents life’s hardships, but when sucked on, it produces sweet sensations. Most other candy is chewy and chewable, so this presented an opportunity for Jolly Rancher to capitalize on their differentiating feature.

Taking a fresh approach comically, the candy brand pinpointed frustrations that these young adults encounter and offered a simple break. For example, one of their tweets read, “Let’s all give it up for candy that lasts longer than some relationships!” Breakups can be rough, but Jolly Rancher doesn’t want people to dwell on it and tries to make it a lighthearted situation. Although unfortunate things happen in life, we deal with it and move forward.

Jolly Rancher used relatability with simple creative to make this point. In addition to social media, the brand utilized TV, OOH at colleges around the country, and online methods. Reaching Millennials where they would be most receptive, the messaging was received quite well, increasing brand awareness and favorability of the brand.

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