Why Advertising at the University of Houston Is Valuable

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Established in 1927, the University of Houston (UH) has a proud heritage of academic excellence and is ranked among the best colleges in America. In addition to nationally ranked education programs, cutting-edge research centers, world-class libraries and state-of-the-art facilities, UH is home to award-winning faculty, alumni who have become international leaders, and one of the most diverse student populations in the nation. Learn more about why advertising at the University of Houston is valuable.

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University of Houston by the Numbers

Advertising at the University of Houston allows businesses to reach an incredible variety of students and faculty with a wide range of interests.

  • 47,000+ students
  • 2,800+ faculty
  • 255 undergraduate majors & minors
  • 111 masters degrees
  • 51 doctoral & professional degrees
  • 31 research centers


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The University of Houston programs support first generation, transfer, and traditional college students. And UH has been recognized by Hispanic Outlook on Education Magazine as among the Best in the Nation for Success of Hispanic Students.


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Location, Location, Location

The University of Houston campus offers the only bus shelter advertising in all of Houston (the rest of the city only offers billboard advertising). With everything in walking distance, UH offers the feeling of a small community nestled within the sprawling metropolis of a bustling urban city. On-campus offerings include restaurants, art exhibits, activity centers, live performances, and athletic events. By advertising at the University of Houston, you can truly reach students where they learn, live, eat, work, and play.


“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere." 



Community Engagement

Advertising at the University of Houston reaches not just UH students, but also members of the surrounding community. UH regularly engages students with the Houston community through outreach projects, internships, industry partnerships, and alumni leadership. 

Through UH Health, the University of Houston offers affordable community health care for UH students, faculty, and staff, as well as the surrounding community. Their convenient location provides a general medical service plus several specialty clinics as well as optical services, substance abuse programs, psychological services, and more.


Options for Advertising at the University of Houston

For organizations looking to reach a diverse section of the coveted college demographic, advertising at the University of Houston provides a variety of options. These range from traditional and transit advertising to digital and social media marketing opportunities.


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Traditional Campus Media & Transit Advertising at the University of Houston

Traditional campus media and transit advertising at the University of Houston generate repeated exposure, delivering your message over and over again. With these options, you can target your advertisement geographically and make an impressive visual impact. Bus shelters signage at the University of Houston (managed by MSS Media, Inc.) is particularly valuable.




Digital & Social Advertising at the University of Houston

Digital media builds awareness, influences consideration, and converts audiences for real results. There are a variety of options for digital advertising at the University of Houston that will improve your marketing effectiveness: 

  • Mobile Advertising
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Social Advertising
  • Audio Advertising



Your UH Advertising Partner

As a proud advertising partner of the University of Houston, we offer full-service media and marketing services that provide the opportunity to market directly to the campus population at UH and beyond. In addition to advertising signage on the UH transit shelters, MSS Media, Inc. offers a suite of services to help clients effectively and efficiently reach their marketing goals by delivering real results.

  • Media Services
  • Campus Out of Home
  • Paid Digital Campaigns
  • Paid Social Campaigns
  • Campaign Reporting & Optimization
  • Branding + Graphic Design


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