How to Advertise to Generation Z & Millennials

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Posted by: Barbara Gretsch, CEO

In today's campus advertising world, knowing how to speak to Millennial and Gen Z audiences is crucial to your success. But what exactly does it take to get through to them? Well, we have some thoughts and have outlined a few below.

Gen Z

Be Authentic

Generation Z and other Millennial audiences tend to be less receptive to the "standard" advertising tricks. The 'digitally native' demographic might not even pay attention to a print advertisement when out and about if it doesn't catch their eye. Today's younger generations value authenticity far more than previous generations, especially in their advertisements. So make sure you feature diversity, address real issues, and authentically communicate if you want to win with these audiences.

Choose Your Locations Wisely

Location is also a vital element of a demographically targeted campaign. Try to place your advertisements in physical locations where young people spend a lot of time. Signage in campus hangouts, university stores, or even on-campus bus shelters is likely to garner a lot of valuable exposure.

Diversify Your Advertising on Campus

The campus advertising landscape is much more robust than it was in years past. Brands can now advertise on campus using transit ads, outdoor kiosks, bus shelters, billboards, digital screens, and posters. These new signage opportunities offer an excellent chance for brands to get in front of the campus demographic like never before. So don't forget to do your research and see what signage opportunities exist. And of course, layer all of your campus advertising efforts with a digital strategy to guarantee a successful campaign.

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Engage in Social Media

Gone are the ways of older generations who used phones sparingly. It is no secret that college students spend a lot of time on their phones. 71% of millennials use social media daily on their mobile devices. That means that members of the Millenial and Gen Z generations are spending time each day engaging with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Modern social media usage presents hundreds of thousands of opportunities for brands to get their message across to this demographic when executed with a well thought out social media advertising strategy.

Don't Forget Google

Although Generation Z and other Millennial audiences spend a lot of time on social media, when they are ready to purchase, they go to Google.

On average, there are 5.6 billion search queries per day on Google. And by the time the search query leads to you, the buyers have intent. So don't forget to include a Google Strategy into your digital plans. Such things as keeping your Google My Business (GMB) account updated and optimizing your Google Ads keyword list based on search data, can put your brand at the top of the search list. And based on the exponentially high conversion metrics when you appear in the top three on Google, the top three in Google Search is precisely where you want to be.

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