College Media Strategies: How to Promote Health Awareness On Campus

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Student health is essential to student success. And student success is essential to maintaining a flourishing institution. Whether you’re looking to bring attention to a mental health app or your school’s wellness center, you need an effective marketing plan. Discover college media strategies designed to help promote health awareness on campus.

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Promoting health awareness on campus is a multi-stage process. 

To motivate students to access available physical and mental health resources, you must create branding that resonates, raise awareness and foster consideration. 


College Media Strategies for Branding

Effective branding provides a positive perception of your program and the services you provide. To create a brand identity that speaks positively to college students, you must understand their goals and challenges. Use language that makes sense to them and address their concerns.


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College Media Strategies for Awareness

Once you have your brand identity in place, you need to let your target audience know that your product, program or service exists. You’ll also want to make it clear that you offer a solution to a problem they face. Provide information where students spend time. Use messaging that’s engaging as well as educational.


Wellness is a connection of paths: knowledge and action.



College Media Strategies for Consideration

At this stage of the game, you must build a relationship with your audience, establishing trust between them and your brand. Provide additional information on the services you offer and their benefits. Outline the pros of putting the data you provide into action.






These additional college media strategies will increase the effectiveness of your campus health awareness campaign. 

  • Incorporate both traditional transit campus advertising and digital geo-targeted advertising. Integrated marketing campaigns extend reach while each piece of the campaign amplifies the efforts of the others.
  • Advertise on campus transit routes. Transit advertising is one of the most effective mediums for reaching students during the back-to-college season or any time school is in session.


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  • Place QR Codes on physical advertising media to send students straight to your website, landing page or digital application.
  • Engage student audiences with event marketing. Set up a table during campus tours, speaking events, open houses, info sessions, athletic events, and other in-person campus activities. 
  • The best platforms/channel choices for digital health awareness campaigns depend on audience preference, brand engagement etc. To reach a campus audience, you may want to consider emerging media platforms.


+ Explore the social media habits of college students.


  • Remember that awareness doesn’t happen overnight. You need to build a consistent message over time.
  • Supply a variety of resources to spread your message. Suggested content formats for the consideration stage of a campus health awareness campaign include social media posts and ads, checklists, how-to videos, free samples, and infographics.


See successful college media strategies for promoting health awareness in action.


Are you ready to create your own successful campus media campaign? See our complete guide to advertising to university students.




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