Why Enlist a Media + PR Agency When Recruiting College Students

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Recruiting college students can be challenging at the best of times. University marketing departments are currently facing a tumultuous environment and a very competitive marketplace. Thankfully, enlisting the help of a skilled media and PR agency can make all the difference. A results driven agency partner with years of experience creating successful enrollment campaigns gives you the compass you need to reach your desired destination. Learn more about what the right media and PR agency can do for you.



Working with an experienced media + PR agency will save you time and money.

Whether you’re selling shoes or recruiting college students, hiring an agency to manage your marketing and advertising campaigns is typically cheaper and faster than hiring someone to do the work in house. And unless someone on your team is a marketing professional with the time available to design, execute, and manage an effective campaign, the results you achieve will almost certainly be much better with an experienced firm.



“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” 



The right media + PR agency will help you increase visibility and qualified leads.

To get the most for your marketing money, you need to utilize the sales funnel properly. In our increasingly digital world, this includes targeting the right audience online through the use of relevant keywords and directing users to landing pages that make conversion simple and straightforward. An experienced digital marketing agency can help you create paid advertisements that reach your target audience and convert paid traffic to leads and sales efficiently and effectively.



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Working with an experienced media + PR agency will help you clarify your marketing goals and identify your target audience.

Well-defined marketing goals are essential for effective advertising. Clear-cut objectives enable you to make the most efficient use of your time, energy, and budget. 

+ Learn more about developing effective college enrollment goals.

When recruiting college students, identifying your target audience probably seems pretty straightforward. You’re marketing your school or program to high school and/or college students (and their parents), end of story. Or is it? The best way to successfully engage with any audience is to understand who they are and what they want, so it’s important to get this right. When you work with an agency to identify buyers’ personas for your intended audience, you’ll have a more complete picture of who they are and how to reach them efficiently and effectively.



MSSmedia Buyer Persona Worksheet-1



An effective media + PR agency will help you create an integrated campaign based on solid research.

An integrated marketing strategy for college recruitment incorporates traditional campus advertising, digital marketing tactics, and public relations (PR). By combining tactics from these three marketing arenas, you can extend your reach while each part of your marketing campaign amplifies the efforts of the others. This type of holistic plan blends appropriate combinations of traditional out-of-home and print advertising, display, video, search, social, earned media, influencer marketing and promotional events to produce the outcomes you're looking for. 

+ Increase enrollment with an integrated marketing strategy.

When you create enrollment campaigns based on actual data, you will connect with the right audience, at the right time, on the right platforms, using the right messages. Skilled advertising agencies use a variety of research tools to develop, monitor, and optimize media campaigns, ensuring that their clients’ campaigns are firmly driven by intelligence. Mining for audiences (who they are, where they are, the digital and traditional media channels they favor, and the behaviors they exhibit) provides marketers who are recruiting college students with a real competitive advantage. 

A skilled media + PR agency will help track your results, refine your strategy if necessary, and measure your success. 

You can have the best designed digital marketing strategy in the world, but if you’re not tracking key metrics, you’ll have no idea whether or not your tactics are working. An adept digital marketing agency will:

  • Track metrics that are relevant to your end goals.
  • Use that data to adjust strategy and tactics for maximum results.
  • Provide you with regular reporting on your campaign’s performance.

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The right media + PR agency demonstrates proven success.

When you’re searching for an advertising agency to work with, you’ve got a lot of options. It’s important to choose a firm that not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. They should be able to demonstrate a record of success in working with colleges and universities, in marketing to teenagers and young adults, and in recruiting college students specifically.

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