Five Reasons Why University Advertising Is Valuable

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In today's rapidly changing landscape, businesses often struggle to choose the marketing tactics that will help them achieve their desired results. Companies trying to reach younger audiences may be tempted to abandon traditional advertising tactics in favor of an entirely digital approach. However, when done correctly, university advertising remains a highly effective way to reach and engage teenagers and young adults.

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Here are five important reasons why university advertising is valuable to a wide range of businesses.

#1 Properly planned and executed university advertising campaigns will accomplish a number of marketing objectives.

By putting an excellent campus ad campaign in place, you can:


#2 University advertising reaches a vast, diverse, and economically powerful consumer group.

We explore the specifics of the college student population in this post, but here’s a general overview:

  • Tens of millions of Americans are enrolled in colleges nationwide.
  • A large percentage of Generation Z attends college.
  • Campus ads reach a widely varied audience in terms of both gender and race.
  • College students have significant purchasing power.



“College is like a fountain of knowledge and the students are there to drink. 



#3 University advertising reaches college students at a pivotal point in their development as consumers. 

As they transition from teenagers to twenty-somethings, college students take their first steps into true adulthood. They become responsible for meeting more of their own needs, and their consumer demands grow. Additionally, every year, millions of college students graduate and begin professional jobs, many earning more money than they ever have before.  


#4 The visual impact of traditional university advertising delivers excellent bang for your buck.

You can’t turn traditional campus advertising off, scroll past it, or fast forward through it. This explains why a large percentage of consumers notice static and mobile billboards, and why many of them take related follow-up actions. 

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#5 University advertising offers other unique marketing advantages.

  • Strategically placed campus ads concentrate your campaign on the intended viewers and generate repeat exposure. 
  • Digital campus media has an important role to play when it comes to reaching the incredibly connected members of Generation Z. When combined with traditional university advertising, it can increase campaign effectiveness exponentially.
  • Regardless of time frame or budget, there’s a campus advertising option that fits your needs and will help you meet your goals.


See our complete guide to advertising to university students.




Editor's Note: This post has been fully updated as of January 2024.

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