University Advertising: Top 3 Ways to Promote School Programs on Campus

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Whether you’re looking to recruit students to your degree or wellness program, university advertising will increase brand/program awareness and reach. Discover the top three ways to promote school programs on campus.

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#1 Outdoor Marketing

With outdoor (or out-of-home) marketing, ads can be placed almost anywhere - along roadways, on newsstands and kiosks, and inside and outside of shopping malls, stadiums, movie theaters, convenience stores, gyms, bars, restaurants and gas stations. Popular campus locations for OOH university advertising include high-traffic areas like student unions, dorms, dining halls, lecture halls, libraries, and book stores.

Media options include: 

  • Interior and exterior building signage
  • Interior and exterior transit advertising
  • Billboards (traditional and digital)
  • Postering


MSSmedia OOH and DOOH




#2 Campus Takeover Campaign

A campus takeover utilizes the domination university advertising tactic to reach college students. OOH ads in various formats are placed throughout campus, drawing students’ attention throughout their day.



A good teacher, like a good entertainer, first must hold his audience's attention, then he can teach his lesson.'” 



This builds familiarity and brand recall rapidly and allows for multi-product messaging, storytelling and more. The domination tactic works especially well on college campuses, where students are essentially a captive audience - spending the vast majority of their time in a very small area.


+ See a successful campus takeover campaign in action.


UCF Case Study


#3 Geo-Targeted Mobile Advertising

Layer geo-targeted mobile advertising on top of your OOH university advertising efforts to increase target audience awareness and engagement.

For example, Florida State University College of Business was looking to drive additional traffic to their website and increase applications to their Masters of Business Analytics Program. 

To deliver on awareness and enrollment goals, we devised a full-funnel digital and campus marketing strategy. Using branding and engagement as key objectives for the campaign, we utilized both campus outdoor signage and digital, location specific geo-targeted advertisements in the vicinity of specific campuses throughout the state of Florida.

As a result of our successful integrated advertising campaign, 1M+ impressions were delivered.


+ Conduct a successful mobile advertising campaign for a college audience.


CaseStudies_FSU College of Business


Looking for more information on how to run a successful campus media campaign? See our complete guide to advertising to university students.




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