Successful Campus Media Campaigns: USC Civic Engagement

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Today’s post in our successful campus media campaigns series explores how the USC Center for Diversity and Democracy reaches thousands of college students every day with compelling messaging, driving awareness and action around their Civic Engagement efforts. Learn how campus advertising can do the same for your organization.

USC - Civic Engagement 9 2023 (285-B)



MSS Media Inc. provides media buy and placement services each year for the USC Center for Diversity and Democracy as they work to promote their Good Neighbors Campaign. Charitable contributions to the fund are distributed to USC Neighborhood Outreach (UNO) grants and the United Way. Since the fund was created, nearly 550 grants totaling $17.5 million have been given to community organizations to enhance educational opportunities, promote good health and fitness, support economic development and USC hiring, and improve safety.



To reach their objectives, the school utilizes signage containing: 

  • QR codes that prospective donors can scan with their mobile phones to learn more
  • A website prospective donors can visit to contribute to the fund on an ongoing basis
  • A number prospective donors can text to make a one time gift

Placements include interior bus cards and bus shelters.

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  • Traditional media
  • OOH advertising
  • Transit advertising
  • Campus media
  • Strategic media buying and planning


Infographic Thumbnail - Value of OOH & DOOH





Our University of Southern California (USC) campus media placements generate hundreds of thousands of impressions weekly for the USC Center for Diversity and Democracy, raising program awareness and supporting Civic Engagement fundraising goals.


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